Taormina defined as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", is known in all continents, from where tourists come seeking: the beauty, the quiet, enchanting landscapes, a crystalline sea, unrepeatable and unforgettable holidays. Its magic has always attracted outstanding personalities who have seen in the beautiful location, a source of great inspiration. How many great travelers have gone from there? Adding all of them is impossible, but retracing their tracks can be a fun and rewarding experience. One of the tours offered by Tita Giliberto is the Taormina of the great travelers, the itinerary begins in the streets of the center, without forgetting the fascinating views of the Greek-Roman theater. In complete relaxation, Tita will recount the many anecdotes that the city hides among the narrow streets, the hotels, the picturesque streets, the spectacular public park, letting you breathe the atmosphere of historical periods.


Castelmola is, a small medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy, located near Taormina, remains one of the most desirable destinations in the area. The extraordinary landscape seen from the panoramic terraces, overlooking: Etna, Giardini Naxos and Taormina, arouses in the soul a sense of quiet and immensity of time. The visit to Castelmola can not miss a visit to the Turrisi bar, an old-fashioned bar, full of charm and famous for the bold choice of furniture. The delightful medieval village, well-kept in every detail and far from the idea of unbridled modernity, extends over the territory for 16 kilometers, offering the opportunity to admire and enjoy different nature trails that once were the only access and communication routes.

Half day in Taormina

Exploring and enjoying the spectacular beauty of Taormina is never enough, the most fascinating place in Sicily has always attracted: curious, artists, vacationers; It is the ideal place for a guided walk, among the monuments and historical artifacts, evidence of a past still alive. Your guide, Tita, will let you discover the Roman ruins, a small theater of the Imperial age, the Corvaja palace, the church of Santa Caterina and the Greek theater. The visit will culminate with a pleasant walk through the main street, Corso Umberto, famous for its high-end boutiques, for the bars and restaurants typical of Sicilian culture.

Taormina, Jewish Memories

A less well-known aspect of the beautiful Taormina and less told is that of a citizen who is impotent by the cruelty imposed on the Jews, a small town that bears the signs of the violence and humiliations of the Second World War. It is said that many Jews were forced to convert, many others instead, including inhabitants of Taormina and Savoca, were burned at the stake. Tita Giliberto tackles the topic, with real pathos and participation, telling and showing all the traces of a historical moment, both past and present painfully in our memories.

Taormina of travelers

In May 1787 Wolfang Goethe talked about it like this: "Beautiful environment made of sea, islands, ports ... between the light of the sky, the breath of the sea, the veils on which mountains, sky and sea almost melt in one element ... between hedges of oleander in bloom, amid oranges and lemons full of fruits, between herbs and unknown trees I felt, pleasant, an extraordinary power ... soon I was stimulated to create something of mine ... I decided for the idea of giving Nausicaa is a form of tragedy ". How many were the great travelers who crossed Taormina? Summing them all would be impossible, but they should certainly be mentioned and remembered by your guide in Sicily that will accompany you in retracing the footsteps visiting Sicily: Gregorovius, the famous German historian, the French geologist Dolomien, the engraver Jean Houel, the Emilian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani, Alexandre Dumas, Baron Wilhelm van Gloeden, the painter Otto Geleng and many other Prussian aristocrats who built villas of great splendor and beauty. Tita will lead you to rediscover unique and fascinating tours of Sicily, made by scholars and excellences from around the world, dazzled by the naturalistic spectacle of Taormina; from its historical-cultural charm; from a Sicily that, over the years, maintains its indescribably extraordinary beauty.