Savoca and Forza d'Agrò are hilly villages in the province of Messina, which is absolutely worth visiting for their fascinating historical and cultural attraction, as famous locations chosen by the American director Francis Ford Coppola, in 1971, to shoot the scenes of " Il Padrino ", (The Godfather), considered a milestone in the history of international cinema. In Savoca you will visit: the Vitelli bar famous for the collection of photos taken in Coppola during the shooting of the film, the church of Santa Lucia and the crypt of the Capuchins which still preserves the mummified bodies of local nobles, who lived between the 18th and 19th Century. Moving to Forza D'Agrò, a splendid medieval village, surmounted by the Norman Arab castle overlooking the magnificent Ionian coast. From the square, a street line leads to the Chiesa Madre, also famous for the F.F.Coppola film, from which to continue for an inebriating lunch in a local restaurant, a well-deserved break before changing course.