A tour full of charm that is able to involve and amaze for the artistic and cultural beauties is represented by what sees as protagonists the cities of Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone. The former holds, still in excellent condition, artistic works dating back to medieval civilization and above all, to the Roman period AD, which dates back to the Villa Romana del Casale, where you can admire the beautiful mosaics, among the most beautiful in the world depicting moments of life and work activities of the populations of the time.A dive into the past that offers unforgettable sensations. Not least, the splendid Caltagirone will leave you pleasantly impressed by its strong artistic vein, famous for the production of ceramics, born from the times of the ancient Greeks, you can admire in the marvelous scenography of the 142 steps most famous in the world. Since 2002 a World Heritage Site, Caltagirone is one of the jewels of Sicily, which deserves to be discovered, visited and fully experienced with someone who knows how to tell it in the smallest and most particular details. In the territory of Aidone, there is also the archaeological area of Morgantina, where it is impossible to lose the remains of the ancient Hellenistic civilization: the Agora sanctuary, the public granary and the theater and the famous Venus of Morgantina.